Testimonial: Adam

I started using drugs and alcohol when I was 12 years old and struggled with them for the next 20 years. Early on I spent time in jail and rehab but was too young to see the direction I was going. After I got married and my children were born I put down the hard drugs and material success became my main focus. Life was good; we appeared to have it all.

Over the next few years my opiate addiction took control. I lost everything, my job, my car, my home and my relationship with my wife and children. I was bankrupt, not only financially but spiritually, mentally and physically. I was tired of living a lie, a double life and tired of running. I ended up in an AA meeting and ran into an old friend who told me about the Hale Foundation. After meeting with Cliff Richards the Foundations Director I decided I needed to stay. I resisted at first, but pain is a great motivator and eventually I was willing to try it someone else’s way.

It is hard to cover all that I learned during my stay at the Hale Foundation. I was taught discipline, responsibility and how to be accountable. I had to learn the world doesn’t revolve around me and the good things in life can’t be found at the bottom of a bottle. I was introduced to the AA community in Augusta where I have found the greatest friendships I have ever known. After spending more then a year at the Hale Foundation I returned to my family. Though we may not have all the things the world says are important, we have each other. We thank God together every night for this.

Sobriety Date: 03/16/12