Testimonial: Thomas

I often think about my life prior to my days at the Hale Foundation. I think about how untreated alcoholism put me in a spiral of anger, hate, and pain. I remember the hopelessness, the self-pity, and the emptiness that had overcame my existence. Alcoholism had taken everything from me. Family, friends, lovers, peace of mind, money, a place to live, driving privileges, freedom– name it, it was gone. I was seemingly at the point of no return. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. I had become everything that I said I would never be. I was resolved to accept the fact that I may be destined either to life in an institution or death.

Fortunately, however, I was pointed to the Hale Foundation by a dear friend who was, consequently, a former resident. At the Hale Foundation I was introduced to a group of men that cared deeply for my well-being, the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and the loving network of Alcoholics Anonymous in the Augusta area. I learned how to get sober, how to live a structured life, how to stay sober, and that my best days of my existence lie ahead.

Now I look at my life after the Hale Foundation. I now have a loving relationship with my family. I have a large group of friends who sincerely love me and want the best for me. I now work as a professor at a major university while I am pursuing a PhD. Life is good! I owe a great deal of gratitude to the Hale Foundation for teaching me that there is a way out of the impending doom of untreated alcoholism and putting me on the path of infinite happiness.

Sobriety Date: 03/20/10